Commemorative Book

Veteran Pages & Photo Contest

Our plan is to include information about the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C., and The Wall That Heals.  We also want to include information about the ceremonies and events that will take place while The Wall That Heals is in Logan County.  

Finally, - and here's where we need your help - we want to include information about the veterans of the Vietnam War era (1955 - 1975).  

To be "eligible" for the Commemorative Book, we do not care where they were born, where they lived, where they called or currently call home, or where they died.  We don't care if they were only state-side or if they were deployed.  

If you want to include them, we want to know about them!  Remember, the ONLY condition is that they SERVED DURING THE VIETNAM ERA. 

SUBMIT YOUR PHOTOS!!  While The Wall That Heals is on display, we encourage you to take pictures and submit them to be included in our book.  Submitting your photographs is implied consent to include them.  You will be credited with submitting your photos.

YOU can be featured for submitting the winning photograph for the cover by following these guidelines.

We will be accepting forms until Sunday, June 9th.

Information about purchasing the book will be released at a later date.

Logan County Commemorative Book Application

On-line application

Vietnam Veteran Book Submission Form

Application to print

Paper application

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