Logan County Records 

Logan County's Original Records

Logan County has never experienced a courthouse fire or other disaster, so there is minimal record loss. Unlike other counties in the Commonwealth, Logan County keeps her records at home instead of sending them to the State Archives in Frankfort.  So, unless a record has been taken or destroyed, it should be in our office, the Court House, or the County Clerk's Office depending on its age. One exception to this will be any case that was a capital punishment crime that would have been an automatic appeal; those records are in Frankfort. The respective office handles local record requests. However, the County Clerk typically transfers those requests to our office 

You may submit a records request to the Archives below. 

The Archives Clerk can assist with a one-hour free records review for one person or couple per month. You must provide enough information (birth, marriage, death dates, locations, names of spouse,  children, and parents, if known) so they know they have the correct person. From the review, you will receive a list of the records available for your person/couple and the copy costs for obtaining those records. Postage will be additional and calculated after you choose the records you most desire. 

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Key  to Records Listed Below -

** - Fully Indexed, easily searchable

*** - Indexing in progress

**** - Records only available at the state level


CENSUS RECORDS - Kentucky was included in the U.S. Federal Census counts from 1800 to the present. None of the original records are available in the Archives. [When there is a link, the links are for Logan County records and are to FREE on-line databases with images. When no link is available, those records should be available from the National Archives and Records Administration or through fee based sites.]


ENSLAVED PEOPLE - Other than records mentioned below, when individuals were identified as black, negro, a person of color, or mulatto, those names were abstracted and collected as a separate dataset. Check with the Archives Clerk for a specific name since those records could have been in anything from deeds to wills to court cases.







OTHER RECORDS such as funeral home information, family files, etc., may be available but is not guaranteed for every family or every person. Check with the Archives for specific record availability for your research needs.

Although Kentucky is an "open records law" state, meaning you should be granted access to any record you request to view, you ARE NOT allowed to request access to adoptions or other specific juvenile related cases without a court order. Adoptions in Kentucky, regardless of when they occurred, are never unsealed and are not available to anyone other than the adoptee, the biological parents, and the adopted parents.