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Added 8 Dec 1019
Tidbits found in the 1898-1904 County Farm Ledger of Logan County, KY.  The ledger was donated to the library and indexed by Society members.  We'll add bits from it from time to time.  The first page listed deaths and are recorded here.
Gabriel Coleman died 24 July 1898, aged 11 months.
Jennie Skipworth's baby died 21 Jan 1899, aged 5 weeks.
James Brooks died 28 Jan 1899, aged 80 years.
William Johnson, colored, died 7 July 1899, aged 65 to 70 years old.
Jean Conley, colored, died July 23, 1899, aged 21 years.
Pearl Murphy, colored, died 22 Aug 1899, aged 14 years.
Sarah Gan, died 24 Feb 1900, aged 45 years.
Mitt Gorden, colored, died 8 Apr 1900, aged 30 years.
Lawrence Austin died 3 Aug 1900, aged 30 years.
Infant boy of Sal Maburn died 26 Sept 1901, aged 4 weeks.
Luther Hoy, colored, died 21 Jan 1902, aged 40 years.
Jane Piper, colored, died 7 May 1902, aged 40 years.
Will Beauchamp or Bishop died 29 May 1902, aged 35 years.
M. F. Moore, died 19 May 1903, aged 50 years.
Wash Garigus, colored, died 6 Aug 1900, aged 65 years.
Ben Smith, colored, died 1 Oct 1903, aged 19 years.
Charles Shelby died 4 Nov 1903, aged 38 years.
Isaac Hutchins died 4 Dec 1903, about 90 years of age.
Ida Terry died 21 May 1904, aged about 30 years of age.
Robert Bradley, colored, died 27 May 1904, aged 23 years.
Granny Deberry died 30 May 1904, aged 70 years.
Crit Pierson died 14 June 1904, aged 44 years.
Calvin England died 15 July 1904, aged 69 years.
Hettie Wagoner's baby died 21 July 1904, aged 13 months.
Mrs. Lizzie Wright died 31 July 1904, aged 70 years.
Mrs. Alice Taylor died 2 Aug 1904, aged 35 years.
Samuel Arthur Hill died 16 Aug 1904, aged 2 1/2 months.
Added 27 Nov 2019
Clearing the closet of books and limited number of most of our references are offered for sale at 1/2 price.  Check book list on this website for regular price (under More tab) then call 270-726-8179 to see if your choice could be on sale and still available.  When the offered items have sold, no more will be added as we reserve some for local use in Archives. 
Suggestions?  Names you would like to see included?  Comments?  Errors you notice?  Send to
Added 1 December 2019
From a 1944 issue of Russellville High Spizerinktum, Volume 7, donated by Joyce and Bob Guion descendants

Added 1 Dec 2019 - School was dismissed for the week of Sept 7 when a new case of polio was discovered.


Added 1 Dec 2019 - Band Queen was Lou Dockins who beat out Madie Gass, Nancy Soyars, Helen Neill, Charlene Keith, Lee Dockins (her twin), Gloria Williams and Helen Stevenson.

Added 30 November 2019

EC 117-3091, 16 June 1874, 146 pages to copy. Sarah A. WOOD wants a divorce from Willis F. WOOD and custody of the infant female child Peninar F. Wood.


Added 30 Nov 2019 -  Circuit Order Book 17 – page 398 – Levi Graham is named guardian for Rebecca, Mary, and Charles Robinson.

Added 28 November 2019
 Happy Thanksgiving.  Now while the turkey roasts, discover some new kinships.  
Deed Book A1, page 489 - 10 July 1802, William Bracewell appoints friend Henry Bloodworth of TN, POA to transact business in Edgecombe Co., NC to collect money due from James Bracewell Sr., administrator of Solomon, the deceased father of William.  Winey is listed along with Solomon but does not specifically state she was his wife.
Deed Book A1, page 625-626 - 14 Sept 1803, a misplaced will in deed book states Judson Jones gives his beloved brother Walter Jones 1 Negro girl named Nel and a boy named Ned, 12 years od and other personal property located in Montgomery Co., MD.  Others listed as siblings are Benjamin W., Henry, Richard, Edward, Joseph W., Oratio, Jacob, Sarah Elizabeth Bett, Sarah Maguider, and Abraham.
Added 25 Nov 2019

Circuit Order Book 2, page 183, Samuel B. Coker, deputy sheriff, was drunk on 11 January 1804 according to witnesses to the grand jury.

Circuit Order Book 2, page 184, William Forsythe was running a tipling house on 2 February 1804.

Added 17 November 2019

EC-97, #2527, 17 May 1866, 23 pages to copy – John LIPSCOMB is the committee for wife Eliza Ann LIPSCOMB, age 42, daughter of Michael KELLER, deceased. Michael died and left a widow, many children, and a large estate. Eliza Ann.  KELLER heirs listed in the case are Elizabeth KELLER, widow, and children Cave J., George S., Jo Ann, Robert, John P., Rachel and Henry W. McINTOSH, Margaret E. MANN and husband W. W. Mann. Others listed are Henry, Thomas M., May E. KELLER, Nancy and Ezra BURR, William E. and Permelia WILLIS, Robert B. and Columbia YOUNGER with Robert B. YOUNGER and Michael J. YOUNGER being children of Emily who was the wife of David YOUNGER, and Elizabeth and W. M. THOMAS. Albert KELLER is the deceased son of Michael KELLER, deceased.



EC-99, #2583, 21 Aug 1867, 12 pages to copy. Catharine UNDERWOOD THOMPSON sues William THOMPSON for divorce. She was a widow with one child when they married in Dixon (sic) Co., TN on 12 August 1864. She has a 2-year-old son, William, by this husband. 

Added 10 November 2019

EC-117, #3113, 16 Oct 1873, 18 pages to copy.  Mary S. MORROW wants a divorce from Rufus MORROW and custody of their children William C., aged 7, and Clarence R., aged 9


EC-107, #2831, 24 Sep 1870, 24 pages to copy.  Azariah SWEATT died intestate in 1869.  Plaintiffs and the portions listed to their share are Thomas SWEATT, 1/10; W. S. and Isabella SWEATT DAVENPORT, 1/10; W. V. D. and Catherine SWEATT HAMILTON, 1/10; Solomon and Martha SWEATT HESTER, 1/10; J. H. and Mary P. SWEATT REED, 1/10; Joseph N. SWEATT, 1/10; James and Sarah SWEATT TANNER, 1/10; N. W. and Arena SWEATT LOUDON, 1/10; children of Elizabeth SWEATT, deceased daughter, 1/10; Milletta SWEATT, daughter with unsound mind, 1/10.  Defendants listed are French CAMPFIELD, under 21; Richard and wife Finetta PUCKETT; Edward and Joseph SWEATT, under 21; George and Azariah SWEATT; James and wife Martha TANNER; James and wife Elizabeth SHARRER; and Sarah TANNER.

Added 9 November 2019

Circuit Order Book 2, page 180 – Amos Morris on 4 March, this being a Saboth, 1804 at the house of Elihu Howard played “all four,” a card game where one won or lost money.  He was indicted by the grand jury.


EC-108, #2885, 13 Apr 1871, 70 pages to copy. In an extensive estate settlement, we find Thomas NEELY died in 1854. The estate will be divided into 8 equal parts and given to David N. NEELY, Edward NEELY, Anna MERRITT, Elizabeth MURDEN, James NEELY, Benjamin Franklin NEELY, Francis Marian NEELY, and 1/2 of share to children of deceased son, Wallace NEELY for grandfather Thomas NEELY educated them after death of father.

Added 7 November 2019 
Members mentioned these are not easily found and should be on Facebook.  Today they will also appear there to see if more genealogists pick up on our original court record tidbits.

Earlier added 29 Oct 2019 was the story of Hannah, Betsey, Moses, James and Austin Lucus who are suing 4 men for trespass, assault, and battery.  In present indexing, we find the case continues on page 99 of circuit court book 2.  Here we have a statement that there is no evidence against John Sugg.  Daniel and John Lynn, defendants, came to the house to take possession of the daughter of the plaintiff, Betsey or Hannah (maybe – legalese is confusing) for she had been in possession of 1 of the defendants and claimed as a slave but the girl went to her mother’s house.  The defendant ordered her to go home and the “old woman enterfered” so caused the assault and battery.  Along with the assault case, the boys James, Austin, and Moses Lucus are still in possession of Morton Maulding and he is sued by Ninian Edwards as their best friend for false imprisonment.  Continued – continued – continued – would be an interesting case to pursue the dispositions reach back to North Carolina.  As we continue indexing this book, maybe we will find the judgment handed down in this case.

Circuit Order Book 2, page 183, John Johnson, yeoman and James Johnson, hatter, interrupted the public worship on the second Sunday of December 1803.  They threatened to beat and wound Willis Blanchard and Henry Myers.

Added 4 November 2019  

Deed Book B, P. 379, There is a certificate of naturalization for John Trews who took an oath to the United States, renouncing Great Britain and Ireland.

EC-123, #3285, 24 March 1876, 11 pages to copy. Rufus TULLY sued H. J. HILDEBRAND for lumber used to build a barn on the land of the heirs of Mr. COMBS, given name not found in the case. Heirs listed as John COMBS, Elizabeth COX and husband William COX, Mary HADDOX and husband John D. HADDOX, Martha STARK and husband Mr. STARK, Ollie HILDEBRAND and husband H. J. HILDEBRAND, James COMBS, Susi COMBS, Richard COMBS, and Ella COMBS, the last an infant under 21 years of age.  Searching the will book abstracts, it shows a will for Caroline, the mother, was probated 28 Jan 1880 and listing Ollie, wife of H. J. HILDABRAND. Earlier James E. COMBS died and his will was probated 27 July 1865, in which he lists a wife Caroline and sons James and Richard but does not list names of daughters.

Added 3 November 2019
EC-98, #2567, 24 May 1867, 14 pages to copy. M. E. and Angelina (PAGE) C. CARTWRIGHT, husband and wife, married 27 June 1866. She was the infant orphan of James P. PAGE and her guardian was Robert A. PAGE.  Just another clue hidden in court records but it would have to be checked for other records do not tie it together.  Census would probably imply Angelina to be the daughter of Robert A. Page and wife but 1860 census shows an Angeline Page living in the household with Albert, 23, and Permela, 34, Page.  Search in the will book abstract for Robert or James shows a list in equity case #2212 in box 86.  Here Leonard Page, administrator, petitions to sell the property to settle debts and listed are Permelia B. Page, John H. Page, and Angelina C. Page, filed 29 June 1858.  Robert Page and Albert Page are not listed in the index but Robert Albert Page is listed as the child of Leonard Johnson Page in one of the Ancestry family trees.  Logan County, KY marriage records show Angeline C. Page marrying Marcus E. Cartwright in 1866.  If this helps anyone, e-mail to let us know these tidbits are worth the effort.
HELP !   We need volunteers to come to Archives and help index indictments in a way researchers can easily find their "black sheep."  Records may not leave Archives but working with the group at the Archives is a good way to enjoy a few empty hours you may find.  After introduced to the process, you may work at any time convenient to you, a few minutes between appointments or a large part of your day.  Contact Judy Lyne, Cheryl Goley, Lee Thompson, or Peggy Vick after the election on Tuesday, Nov. 5 to begin.  We close 1/2 day for elections.
Added 2 November 2019

Circuit Order Book 2, page 181 – William McMahon, farmer, and Barbara Akin, spinster, on 1 January 1804 did commit fornication with each other.

Circuit Order Book 2, page 181, Thomas Hatter was called by the grand jury for profane swearing on 21 March 1804.


Added 3 Novemer 2019EC-98, #2567, 24 May 1867, 14 pages to copy. M. E. and Angelina (PAGE) C. CARTWRIGHT, husband and wife, married 27 June 1866. She was the infant orphan of James P. PAGE and her guardian was Robert A. PAGE.
Added 31 October 2019

Circuit Court Book 2, 1803-1804 - Cases in this time have a person listed as “undertaker” for the defendant and it means if the defendant is judged guilty and cannot pay the fee, the “undertaker” will settle with the court or plaintiff.  Later this would be “making bond” or “security” for the defendant.


A new legal term pops up in this Circuit Court Book 2, 1803 1804.  Trespass Vi Et Armis is a Latin term that means trespass with force and arms resulting in injury to another's person and property. This is usually used as a remedy brought by a person for an immediate injury committed with force.


From 1965 newspaper – Dr. Robert Harrison practiced in Logan County before the Civil War.  He advocated the “Galvanic” or “Water Cure.”  He felt patients could recuperate better in a place other than their homes and constructed an apartment house for the same.

Added 28 October 2019

Deed Book V, p. 166 mentions William CHASTAIN heirs.  They are listed as Samuel, Willis W., Albert, Isham, Benjamin E., Joseph, and John C. Chastain, John and Mary Grubbs, Edward and Elizabeth Moseley, Joseph and Sarah Moss.  The land was to be divided by 4 commissioners.


EC 80, #2030, 26 Oct 1854, 25 pages to copy – Priscilla sued John DOYLE for divorce but he was granted the divorce and she got no alimony.  She had 4 children before.  There were children from both previous marriages that did not get treated properly by either of the step-parents, depositions provide details.  She attested that he had promised, among other things, to educate her children as his children.


Added 26 October 2019 

From 1965 newspaper – In 1801, Dr. Walter Jones came to Russellville.  He was the first to administer the smallpox vaccine.  His daughter married Augustine Byrne and their descendants included four Dr. Walter Byrnes, all of whom practiced in Logan County.

Circuit Order Book 2, page 179, 1 page to copy.  Clayton Talbott allowed card playing

at his home and this became a concern of the grand jury.  The card game was known

as “all fours” and was played for money.  Players were Joseph Ficklin, James

McLaughlin, John Gray, Walter Jones, Willis Morgan, William S. Dallam, and others. 

Does anyone know how to play “all fours” or what it might be called now?

Added 26 October 2019
Gravestone cleaning seminar,                                1 day, classes at Civic Hall, demonstrations at Mt. Olive Cemetery, 350 Pageant                                 Lane Suite 201, Clarksville, TN.  8 Nov 2019.  9:00 am through 3:00 pm  RSVP to                                Phyllis Smith at
Added 25 October 2019

EC-107, #2848, 7 Dec 1870, 62 pages to copy.  The case is discussed in detail in ABSTRACTS OF WILLS AND SETTLEMENT, LOGAN CO., KY, 1856-1874.  It is mentioned here to remind you that you may send a request for us to list records on one ancestor per month.

           First, Samuel PERRY, deceased, was an heir of Thomas PERRY, also deceased.  Samuel’s heirs are Nathaniel, Washington, Rebecca, Malinda, George, and Lucinda PERRY.  All are non-residents and live in Mt. Vernon, IN.  William PERRY, deceased, heir of Thomas PERRY, has heirs of David or Daniel (handwriting confusing), Jacob, Mary A., Louisa, and Nancy and they lived in Millersburg, Warrick Co., IN.  Heirs of Elizabeth GOODSON who was the heir of Thomas PERRY are Nancy, William, Malvina, Monroe, and Elvira GOODSON and they live in Greenville, IL.  Heirs at law of Thomas PERRY who live in Pikesville, Pike Co., IN, heirs by 2nd degree lineal descant are Ewing BASS, Nancy DUTTON, and James PERRY.  Heirs at law of Thomas PERRY, also heirs by 2nd-degree lineal descent and live in Flementon, IL are Richard ALVIS, Agnes PERRY, Thomas PERRY Jr., and Polly PERRY.  Samuel and Joseph PERRY are heirs of Hamilton PERRY, deceased, who was the heir of Thomas PERRY and they live in Elizabethtown, Denton Co., TX.  Sarah, under age 21, and Lerica ANDERSON, deceased, are heirs of Thomas PERRY, dec’d.  William and Nancy PERRY are heirs of James PERRY, deceased who were heirs of Thomas PERRY and they are non-residents, location not given.  Also listed in the defendants are Newton SIMPSON and Thomas MABIN, relationship not listed.

Deed Book U, p. 184, 7 Dec 1835.  Joshua MURRY deeded land to Francis L. ROSS who married his daughter, Jane MURRY.

Added 24 October 2019

From 1965 newspaper – a physician of prominence was Dr. D. McReynolds who, while practicing in Logan County, was appointed Surgeon-General of the Army.


From 1965 newspaper – Dr. James Black, who had studied medicine in Philadelphia was knighted by Queen Victoria for his served in the Crimean War.  He returned to serve in Logan County.

Both of these tidbits referred to doctors who practiced in the early days of Logan County.

Added 23 October 2019
On October 22, 2019, the Leadership Logan class toured the Archives.  Peggy Vick
led the class members through the resources available in the foyer and reading
room where over 3800 book references are housed.  Copy machines, computers,
indexing systems, and space to work are featured here.  Then touring the jail vault,
members saw the preserved records from 1792 through the present day. 
These court records may be studied by using the indexes and requesting each
from the clerk.  Several members said they would return to delve into their family 
histories "as soon as they find the time."
Circuit Court Book 1, page 39 mentions that Charles Arrington made a bond for his
son Charles Whitmell Arrington.  Later notations mention that Charles W. was
indicted for disturbing the peace and uttering "by God" in public space.
Added 22 October 2019
At the recent genealogy class conducted by Denise Shoulders, a mystery was solved when the deed with three parties was explained.  Party of the first part (one owning property) deeded to the party of the second part (one now to control the property) and the party of the third part involved in the indenture.   Anna Picyne (1) is to marry Joseph Peabody (3) so she gives her brother Thomas  Picyne (2) control of her estate inherited from their father Daniel.  Thomas becomes her trustee.  This bypasses her husband in the time frame when the woman's estate immediately became his property upon marriage.  Now Anna will receive payments from "time to time" from her brother.  If she dies before her husband, her property reverts to her biological family and if she outlives her husband, she may receive as much of the property as she desires and will dispose of the rest by bequests in her will.
From 1965 newspaper – Rockwell came to Logan County in 1955 and was built on 30 acres purchased from Elmer Shelton.  Eight of the first ten people employed were still working in 1965.  They were Joe Hardy, Lena Barrett, Pat Bouldin, Jim Little, Mercellia Richardson, Oscar Blue, Bill Cauley, and Adrain Simmons.  The plant manager was H. O. Whipple.  Rockwell was considered one of the top die casting plants in the world.
Added 21 October 2019
Deed Book U, p. 402, 16 Aug 1836.  Alexander CROMWELL, Clarksville, TN revokes the power of attorney he gave his father, Jarrad CROMWELL on Nov 1830.
EC-63, #1571, 3 Mar 1846 – In the middle of this lengthy inheritance dispute, you can find the 3 generations are spelled out. The humor comes from the complaint sheet for the sister-in-law will not give a true list of her deceased husband’s estate. They want her to “state upon her oath without evasion upon her deep and eternal responsibility before high heaven and as she values her temporal & eternal peace and happiness and as she hopes to escape eternal punishment to make a clean breast of it and to state truly how much money in gold or silver or bank notes of the estate of her deceased husband hath come to her knowledge and possession.” She is Elizabeth CARTHRAE, sister-in-law to the deceased Jane KENNERLY whose heirs are suing for an accounting. Since Phillip CARTHRAE died without a will, evidently part of his estate will be divided by courts.
Added 19 October 2019
Recently added to our decor are the portraits of Major Richard Bibb and Capt. John Augustine Lewis following the SAR grave marking service.  That pointed out that we need likenesses of early pioneers so added William Russell whose land grant now includes Russellville and Benjamin Logan for whom the county was named.  Neither lived in Logan County but since they were important in settling the "far west," they were honored by named the area.
Heroes who made Logan County their home at one time or another are also featured.  Presley O'Bannon, Hero of Derne, was here during the very early years of 1800.  He is credited with U. S. Marine Corp formation.  Jim Bowie of Bowie knife fame is also hanging on our wall.  He was born in Logan County but the family soon moved to other areas.  Nonetheless, he is part of our claim to fame.
The following 2 cases show how the wheels of justice move slowly.  There is no explanation in either case about why it drug on for 2 years but makes for interesting reading,

EC-106, #2793, 29 March 1870, 36 pages to copy.  Rosa A. MERRIFIELD -- divorce from N. B. MERRIFIELD -- child, James M., was born.  She had previously had 3 children with first husband Mr. GRAINGER, now deceased, and she wants this name back and wants James M. to be named GRAINGER, not MERRIFIELD. 

EC-111, 2939, 9 Feb 1872, 14 pages to copy.  Napolean MERRIFIELD sues Rosa A. MERRIFIELD for divorce.  She had a child born in April of 1871 by a Mr. COOK.  He gets divorced and custody of William but she gets to visit at reasonable times.

Added 18 October 2019
Denise Shoulders is teaching a class on Saturday concerning using deeds in family research.  Class is last in series of 3rd Saturday classes, will be held at the Logan County Archives.  10:00 am - 12:00 noon
Added 16 October 2019
Still needing typists on the funeral home book to get it added to the AIS indexing system.  Contact if you have some spare time, have Excel on your computer and like to be a part of providing help to other Logan County researchers.  Cheryl Goley has completed 150 pages but is also needed on another project.

EC-45, #1094 – Case shows Peyton A. Vaughn’s father was John E., who died intestate.  The widow is Tabitha and he left 7 children, George, Nancy who married John Hall, Jane, Manerva, Arica, Emily, and Caroline.  The administrator, John Daniel, took some of the property without accounting to the family including slave Letty and her 2 children, Hannah and Tom.  He then moved to Illinois and died there, leaving his brother, Andrew, in charge of hiring out the Negroes.  Jane married Bernard McKinzie.


EC-117, #3098, 7 Oct 1873, 54 pages to copy.  Divorce granted to James W. LAMB from Eva FOULKS LAMB for she committed adultery.  Custody of Charles LAMB, born in 1871, is awarded to mother.

Added 15 October 2019

From 1965 newspaper - The deGraffenried legacy showed a net worth of $911,940.  Thomas Pritchett deGraffenried left the bulk of his estate “to be used by Russellville for the education of the people at large herein.”  G. Sam Milam was appointed special legal counsel and helped move the case through the legal courts in New York.  deGraffenried was the son of Thomas Pritchett deGraffenried Sr. of Franklin TN and the former Mattie Long of Logan County, KY.  A lawyer in New York City by 1903, he traveled widely with special interest in the Far Eastern countries.  Never married, he lived on Long Island with his mother, moving to a modest apartment in Bayside after she died.  The will was written a few days before his death.


EC-61, #1515 – Samuel Hite signed his will with a “X”.  He gives to widow Susannah, sons Edward C., John J./I., James C., Joseph, daughter Mary Smith.  Henry Hite is mentioned as are grandchildren Elizann Smith, John and James Smith. 

Added 13 October 2019
Added 13 Oct 2019 - From 1965 newspaper – The first physician of record was Dr. Beverly Anthony Allen who settled on Red River and was in practice by 1792, the date KY was created from VA.  He has multiple cases in our circuit court records.  Come to Archives to research them and learn more about this colorful character.
Added 13 Oct 2019
Red River Meeting House

24th Annual Primitive Camp Meeting and Rendezvous

October 11-13, 2019, starting at 9 am on Friday until 3 pm on Sunday

This is a living history event that will transport you back to the year 1800. Please feel free to camp modern or period correct. All are welcome. Activities for young and old. The annual auction for the upkeep of the grounds will be at 1:00 on Saturday.

Coy's BBQ will be our food vendor.

Laura Gove will be doing the history lesson on Saturday.

Laura Gove will share new research with us during the Friday night church service at 7 p.m.

Alan Leeke will be our speaker for the Saturday night church service at 7 p.m.

Robert Operia will be the Sunday morning church service speaker at 10 a.m. with Steven Vann leading our period-correct sacrament service.

No pets, please.

Important: please keep an eye on the weather, there is currently a burn ban in Logan County. Be prepared to pack cold foods in case we cannot have our campfires. Braziers and gas camp stoves are allowed for cooking, but every campsite must have a large bucket of water and a fire extinguisher. Please pray for rain.

Contact Tom Ruley at 270-586-7632 for more information.

Heads up for Schochoh Christmas Parade and Christmas Service in Red River Meeting House

2019 Schochoh Christmas Parade / Christmas Service

December 1, 2019

Join us at the Schochoh Christmas parade.  We will be dressed in 18th-century clothing to represent the time period of the great revival that occurred at Red River Meetinghouse.  Parade participants will meet at 1:00 p.m. and parade is at 2:00 p.m.  At 4:00 p.m. please join us for a candlelight Christmas service at the meetinghouse.  Light refreshments will be served following the service.  See their website for details.

Added 12 October 2019
In 1965 the New-Democrat printed a seven-section newspaper on the growth of Logan County.  Donated by descendants of the late Bob and Joyce Vick Guion, it may be studied at the Archives.  The newspaper covered the 1965 industry but also include tidbits from early Logan.  It may be studied at the Archives and notes will be appearing in this section occasionally.
From 1965 newspaper – Kentucky’s largest dairy farm, Green Downs Inc. was located on the Orndorff Mill Road.  The 1240-acre farm was a family partnership owned by Laurin Wilkins, M. A. Robertson, Mrs. Dorothy Estes and Mrs. Taylor Flannery.  It produced 1800 gallons of milk daily.  The 150 herd of Jersey cattle were managed by Melvin Langdon with Howard Williams managing the 550 Holsteins.  Of more impressive memory would be the coconut cream pies made by Mrs. Flannery at Green Meadows.  Ooh la la!
Added 11 Oct 2019 -
Festival Parade will be Saturday, weather willing.  Crafts will be for sale around the courthouse, food vendors will be scattered around the downtown area, entertainment is varied and will include the revived outhouse race.  If you have old photos of festival activities, post them to "history of russellville, ky. (and logan county)" and identify the participants.
Jail tours on this past Tuesday were sparse in the morning, crowded for the
2:00 tour.  Led by Peggy Vick, the group visited the home for the jailers in front
of the building and the vault for the detainees behind the huge metal 
doors.  Original court records are stored in the vault under humidity
and temperature control.
EC-121, #3228, 19 June 1875, 6 pages to copy.  Mary J. STEWART sues Lewis F.
STEWART for divorce claiming abandonment.  She wants alimony and
custody of the children, John Lewis, 7, William Marion, 5, Robert Meridal, 5,
Thomas Henry, 3, and Samuel L. Crittenden, 14 months, (all listed as
If you need copies of these court cases, e-mail and ask for copy and mailing costs.  We have cases back to 1792 when the county was formed from Lincoln Co., KY.
Check BLOG pages for longer entries and for comments and queries from Archives visitors.
Added 9 October 2019 

Added 9 Oct 2019 - Deed Book B, page 472 - While typing deed book abstracts for our Accelerated Indexing System, Michael Travelstead found one of the “hard to explain” entries.  It would have been indexed by the name of the sheriff as he was ordered to sell the property that was put up to secure a debt.  Actually, Joseph Ficklin lost his slave Natt or Matt when James Marrs won a lawsuit against Judah McGready, Richard Boyce, Walter Jones, and Ficklin.  Slave mortgaged for security was put up for auction and purchased by George L. Locker for $100.00 but Ficklin immediately purchased the slave again.

Added 9 Oct 2019 - EC-107, #2828, 16 Sep 1870, 33 pages to copy.  This case is an estate settlement of Eben VICK who died in 1860, intestate.   The widow Martha --; Martha M. VICK MILLS, a daughter who died in 1864. John MILLS Jr. is the administrator and he was married first to Martha M. VICK who died and left children Martha J. and J. W. MILLS.  John then married her sister America who is also deceased.  Other family structure changes are Marmaduke M. VICK died in 1861, R. H. VICK died with no issue and owned a house and lot in Volney.  Elizabeth VICK, the widow of Eben, has also died.  Other heirs still living are J. C., Samuel O., J. J., E. N., P. W. and E. C. VICK.

Added 8 October 2019

EC-107, #2822, 15 June 1870, 8 pages to copy.  L. A. FREEMAN sues Willie BURKS, child of Samuel D. BURKS, dec’d, for the lot opposite White Hall on Main Street, Russellville.  Willie is the child of Samuel D. BURKS and his wife is also deceased. 

EC-107, #2825, 8 Aug 1870, 21 pages to copy.  Heirs of Willis E. and Susan P. WILLIAMS, to wit, Charles S., James K., George A., Joshua E., and Martha J. WILLIAMS who married George W. HENDLEY.  James M. MORROW married Lucy A., who is deceased, and Kate A. MORROW, their daughter, is also listed.  Susan P. WILLIAMS is daughter of Joshua KING, deceased.

Added 7 October 2019

EC-121, #3209, 1 April 1875, 11 pages to copy.  Thomas B. SACRA sues his father, James F. SACRA, for he refused to give title in a dispute over land, goods and other possessions.


EC-121, #3234, 13 Aug 1875, 11 pages to copy.  Mary J. TIZDALE, deceased, was married to John K. WINLOCK and had 3 children, Robert, Richard, and Mattie J., now married to Samuel T. HARRISON.  She had property willed to her by parents, Barsksdale and Polly SPENCER.  Mary J. and William O. TIZDALE also had several children. 

Added 6 Oct 2019
Roger Vincent plays taps following the cannon firing by Randy Parrish at Major Richard Bibb and Capt. John Lewis Patriot Grave Marking.  Thanks to Adam Scales and crew for cleaning the cemetery of TALL Johnson grass and other weeds.
Ninety degree days finally broke, the rain-delayed until Sunday so the ceremony was perfectly planned.  SAR provided parking space by mowing the cornstalks atop the hill on which the cemetery sits.  Tents, chairs, free bottled water - all provided.  If you are interested in supporting this volunteer group, send donations, large or small, to Benjamin Logan SAR, c/o Logan County Genealogical Society, P. O. Box 853, Russellville, KY 42276-083 and we'll be sure they get it.
For other photos, check facebook
Added 5 October 2019

EC-117, #3113, 16 Oct 1873, 18 pages to copy.  Mary S. MORROW wants a divorce from Rufus MORROW and custody of their children William C., aged 7, and Clarence R., aged 9.

EC-107, #2822, 15 June 1870, 8 pages to copy.  L. A. FREEMAN sues Willie BURKS, child of Samuel D. BURKS, dec’d, for the lot opposite White Hall on Main Street, Russellville.  Willie is the child of Samuel D. BURKS and his wife is also deceased. 

SAR Grave Marking for Major Richard Bibb and Capt. John Augustine Lewis Saturday at 10:00, Bibb-Lewis Cemetery on Echo Valley Road.
Added 4 October 2019

Deed Book 32, p. 102, 7 Feb 1853.  Coleman MAY gives Jesse GLISEN of Robertson Co., TN where John MAY, deceased, willed to Coleman MAY, for support of his sisters Sally, Patsy, and Betsy MAY.

EC-120, #3179, 7 Oct 1874, 53 pages to copy.  Martha J. HINES has been appointed administratrix of estate of D. C. HINES, deceased.  She requests to be appointed guardian for infants, Charles, 16, Edward, 14, Frank, 12, Settle, 9, Luly, 6, and Uriah, 4 in order to represent them in the estate settlement. 


Added 2 October 2019  

Deed Book 32, p. 102, 7 Feb 1853.  Coleman MAY gives Jesse GLISEN of Robertson Co., TN where John MAY, deceased, willed to Coleman MAY, for support of his sisters Sally, Patsy, and Betsy MAY.


EC–140, #3729, is a custody case where J. H. Procter let his in-laws, Jacob and Elizabeth Rhoads, take his daughter after the death of his wife, Mollie Rhoads (died in TX). When he remarried, he wanted his daughter back but courts wouldn’t grant immediate custody, said they had to wait to let the child adjust.

Added 1 October 2019

Deed Book 32, p. 111, 9 Feb 1853.  Lucy BIBB wants her children, John L., Mary M., Susan E. to have her part of the pension for the heirs of Capt John SCOTT of the Army of the Revolution.  The husband is Branch H. BIBB.


EC-116, #3071, 12 April 1873, 29 pages to copy.  Elizabeth DOYLE sues for divorce from Calvin H. DOYLE.  Elizabeth and Calvin had 4 children, Thomas, 18, Rebecca A., 14, Almasenda, 10, and Beuna Vista, 7.

Major Richard Bibb (died 1839, 87 years of age), left, and Capt. John Augustine Lewis (1747-1825), right, are buried in the family cemetery on Echo Valley Road.  To learn more about the men and to honor their service in the Revolutionary War, attend the SAR grave marking ceremony on 4 October 2019 to honor both men.  
The ceremony is a free event to be held 5 Oct 2019, 10:00 am-11:30 pm at 2005 Echo Valley Road, Auburn, KY.
Added 29 Sept 2019
Are these tidbits helping anyone or are they interesting additions to Logan Co., KY history?  E-mail to if you have suggestions on how to improve.  Comments both favorable and not so favorable are appreciated.

Circuit Court book 2, several entries starting on 60 through 66, and later on page 77.  Hannah Lucas or Lucust sues by her best friend Betsey Lucust vs Joshua Rice, Daniel Lynn, James Lynn, and John Sugg for trespass, assault, battery, and false imprisonment.  On 1 January 1802, “with force and arms, to wit, with hands, fists, sticks, staves, whips, and assault in and upon the body of said Hannah then and there did make and beat wound and ill-treated by striking her with so many and such grievous blows and by throwing her upon and against the ground so that her life was greatly despaired of.”  She states she is a free woman and not a slave and sues for damages of $1,000.00.  Joshua says she is a slave of Daniel Lynn but that is the only mention if it in the records.  In a related case, James, Austin and Moses Lucas are in the care of Morton Maulding and he is restricted by the court to not remove them from the court jurisdiction.  These could be her children who are still slaves.

           Betsey Lucas sues Daniel and James Lynn and John Sugg and is awarded $300.00.  Later court issues a dedimus to North Carolina to take the deposition of Thomas Hapsem so the case continues. 


EC-64, #1581, 1 August 1844, 94 pages to copy – This is a case of Kinchen C. MASON & Isaac MASON vs the heirs and creditors of David D. MASON, deceased. He died without a will and most of the papers are related to the estate settlement but one paper within the case proves he is the father of the bastard male child of Sarah H. WILLIAMS. He is ordered to pay child support of $25.00 a year for 7 years. The case lists five children and unless Jasy Ann, Quintiline Z., Quintas, Thomas W., or David Daniel is the bastard, he did not come into the inheritance.

Added 29 Sept 2019
Are these tidbits helping anyone or are they interesting additions to Logan Co., KY history?  E-mail to if you have suggestions on how to improve.  Comments both favorable and not so favorable are appreciated.

Circuit Court book 2, several entries starting on 60 through 66, and later on page 77.  Hannah Lucas or Lucust sues by her best friend Betsey Lucust vs Joshua Rice, Daniel Lynn, James Lynn, and John Sugg for trespass, assault, battery and false imprisonment.  On 1 January 1802, “with force and arms , to wit, with hands, fists, sticks, staves, whips and assault in and upon the body of said Hannah then and there did make and beat wound and ill-treated by striking her with so many and such grievous blows and by throwing her upon and against the ground so that her life was greatly despaired of.”  She states she is a free woman and not a slave and sues for damages of $1,000.00.  Joshua says she is a slave of Daniel Lynn but that is the only mention if it in the records.  In a relate case, James, Austin and Moses Lucas are in the care of Morton Maulding and he is restricted by court to not removed them from the court jurisdiction.  These could be her children who are still slaves.

           Betsey Lucas sues Daniel and James Lynn and John Sugg and is awarded $300.00.  Later court issues a didimus to North Carolina to take the deposition of Thomas Hapsem so the case continues. 


EC-64, #1581, 1 August 1844, 94 pages to copy – This is a case of Kinchen C. MASON & Isaac MASON vs the heirs and creditors of David D. MASON, deceased. He died without a will and most of the papers are related to the estate settlement but one paper within the case proves he is the father of the bastard male child of Sarah H. WILLIAMS. He is ordered to pay child support of $25.00 a year for 7 years. The case lists five children and unless Jasy Ann, Quintiline Z., Quintas, Thomas W., or David Daniel is the bastard, he did not come into the inheritance.

Added 28 Sept 2019

More Christian names of wives of men selling property listed in Deed Book A (1803-1805) are listed here.  This is one of the few places in court records wives had to be listed for they had to sign it was okay to sell the property and give up their dower rights to it.

Faye, Benjamin & Catherine

Bone, James & Mary

Green, James & Rhoda

Christian, John & Keziah

Steel, Moses & Susanna C.

Maulding, Ambrose & Mary

Maulding, Richard & Elizabeth

Jacobs, Jeremiah & Esther

Pollard, Robert & Jail or Joel

Butler, John & Mary

Bailey, John & Lillie

Ross, George & Margareth Weaver

West, Adam & Frances

Myers, Philip & Elizabeth

Wilson, James & Peggy

McLaughlin, Robert & Mary

Ewing, Finis & Peggy

Williams, Isaac & Sally

Browning, Reubin & Sally

Duncan, James & Bathsheba (Bashey)

Repress, Thomas & Ann

Mauzy, Henry & Betty

Gorham, Thomas & Sally

Briggs, Robert & Jenny

Gorham, Sanford & Hannah

Massie, Thomas & Sally

Lear, Conrad C. & Caty

Cartwright, Peter & Christiana

Walker, David & Mary

Vineyard, John & Resinah

MaMahon, James & Jane

McMahon, John Blair & Margaret

Johnson, Nathan & Caty

Gorham, Thomas & Sally

Trammal, Garard & Barshaway

Rice, Jonathan & Rebekah

Wilson, James & Margaret

Taylor, Tackle and Sally

Taylor, William & Polly

Steel, Mose & Susanna C.

Prewitt, John & Polly

Bailey, John & Drusiller

Bailey, John & Siller

McMahon, James & Jane

Steele, Moses & Susanna

Davidge, Rezin & Elizabeth

Gott, John & Sally

Stephenson, James & Mary

Rose, John & Rebeca

Boyce, Richard & Polly

Added 27 Sept 2019
Society member Carl Foster came by Archives to see if he could find documentation for the death of his "Cemetery Tour" character.  Lee Thompson found that David Morton died of blood poisoning after getting a splinter in this thumb.  Carl will be reenacting along with about 10 others during several tours this next week.  Tour with the Tobacco and Heritage Festival group and join in other Festival events this next week.  Visit the Logan County Chamber of Commerce website to see the full schedule.

EC-107, #2820, 22 May 1870, 48 pages to copy.  John A. TAYLOR, administrator for Levi RICHMOND, dec’d, sues heirs for the estate is insolvent and debts will be paid pro rata.  Joseph A. SMITH is appointed guardian of Sarah, Mary F., Harriet P., and Emily J. RICHMOND.  Widow is Sarah RICHMOND.  Other plaintiffs are Martha E., James R., Josiah A., and Seretha A. who married John A. TAYLOR, administrator.  These are probably heirs.  L. G. RICHARDSON is listed as plaintiff but there is a bill from him in the packet for medicine and visits to the patient so he is probably not an heir.  Wesley F. and wife Eliza J. WILLIAMS are also listed and she may be an heir also.  A copy of Levi RICHMOND’s will is in the file but does not plainly specify heirs.

EC-108, #2854, 11 January 1871, 20 pages to copy. Jacob FLOWERS sues Rosetta ELEY FLOWERS.  He gets custody of the boy, aged 3 years in April of 1871 and she agrees that he should take both children but she gets to see them at various times.  Other child is not listed.

Added 26 Sep 2019
Added 25 Sept 2019

Deed Book 32, p. 158, 18 Mar 1853.  Heirs of Sally W. RICE grant land to Nathaniel FELTS who was the heir of Archibald FELTS, deceased, of Duboise, Crawford, IN.

Deed Book 32, p. 176, 7 March 1853.  Mary, Harriet, and Ann GATEWOOD are infant heirs of James H. GATEWOOD, deceased.  Deed also mentions Rebecca GATEWOOD, a widow, and a law suit.

Added 24 Sept 2019
Relationships found in Deed Book A1, 1790s - 1808
Since wives are not listed by Christian names until 1850 census, you may be able to find them in deeds when husbands sold landed property for wives had to relinquish dower rights.  These, as well as a few other relationships, are listed in Deed Books and list from A1 is donated here to help your research.  After Friday, the 27th Sept 2019, they will be available on the AIS indexing system at the Archives.  Write or call 270-726-8179 and ask the clerk to search for the name and page number.  Copies from Deed Books are $1.00 since they are in another office.
Strong, Walter E. & Elizabeth
Harte, Thomas & Susannah
Ewing, Finis & Peggy
Ewing, Finis & Mary
Chaplin, Abram & Elizabeth
Rice, Edmund & Mary
Barker, Thomas & Caty
Campbell, William & Tabitha or Tabatha
McLain, Ephraim Sr. & Elizabeth
Finley, Samuel & Polly
Norris, Ezekiel & Polly
Rhodes, Henry & Elizabeth
Rhodes, Daniel & Mary
Green, Jesse & Elizabeth
Keath, John & Hannah
Boyd, Andrew & Sarah
Morris, Thomas & Mary
Newman, Simon & Barbary
Stewart, Charles & Dorcas
Ewing, John & Martha
Davidson, Thomas & Jenney or Jany
Beall, Walter & Rebecca
Allison, Robert & Marget
Wilkins, Richard & Mary
Gilbert, Michael & Sally
Jackson, Burwell & Esther
Davis, Clement & Sarah
Reed, William & Marget
West, Amos & Frankey
Houghstutler, Solomon & Barbary
Billingsley, James & Ann
Madison, Gabriel & Miriam
Blakey, George & Marget
Lewis, Aron & Sarah
Christian, John & Kesiah
Pennington, Jacob & Mary
Cartwright, Peter & Christiana
Walker, David & Polly
Wood, James & Luccia
Haslin, Joshua & Susannah
Simons, Philip & Mary
Hawkins, James & Lucy
Haddin, Elisha & Rhoda
Wilcox, Josiah & Eleanor
Bailey, William & Mary
Stewart, William & Jany
Marrs, James & Anna
Added 23 Sept 2019

EC-116, #3077, 26 Apr 1873, 15 pages to copy.  Martha D. BELL sues for divorce from John BELL and wants custody of children William, 14, and Sarah, 12.  Her son by another marriage, J. Henry PROCTOR.

EC-116, #3078, 6 May 1873, 26 pages to copy.  T. F. E. HARRIS died in May of 1870.  The married daughters, M. Flora GOOCH, now the wife of Thomas C. GOOCH, and Mattie A. HARRIS, wife of W. R. HARRIS, agree to the sale.  Widow Mary A. HARRIS is guardian for J. M., V. R., A. L. aged 20, Henry E. aged 16, M. Lulie aged 13, Sinie L, aged 10.

Added 22 Sept 2019
Finding names of wives in index typed by Michael Travelstead in earliest deed book (A) - often not found elsewhere and will be donated tomorrow.

EC-121, #3213, 7 April 1875, 24 pages to copy.  Johnie Anna TOWNSEND sues for divorce from Thomas J. TOWNSEND.  They married in Robertson Co., TN in October of 1870 and have one child Claude Ewing TOWNSEND.  Grandfather is George W. EWING, father of plaintiff.  Johnie Anna and Thomas J. TOWNSEND give custody to George W. EWING and it is awarded to him.

EC-121, #3227, 31 May 1875, 17 pages to copy.  W. C. MORRISON sues for divorce from Sarah M. MORRISON claiming abandonment.  Elizabeth J. MORRISON, daughter, is also listed as defendant.

Added 21 Sept 2019

Deed Book 32, p. 555, 13 Oct 1853.  Daniel & Catherine HULCE (sic) sold George M. GRAY the lots where Armistead T. PERRY lives, the one that came from Alanson HULSE & wife Jane.  Jane has a life estate in the property, she was the stepmother of Daniel.  ("Life estate" meant she could benefit from the estate but could not sell or will as her property.  On her death, the estate reverted to the will of Alanson HULSE.)

EC-116, #3068, 11 April 1873, 204 pages to copy.  Settling the estate of John VIERS who died in 1871, there are many depositions that result in an order from the court to sell enough of the estate to pay the debts.  Catharine C. VIERS is widow and children are F. M. VIERS and Mrs. M. E. C. RITCHIE, wife of A. C.

Added 20 Sept 2019


Circuit Court book 2, page 16.  Charles Herrington and wife Patience vs Dicey Bryant for slander.  Defendant says she is not guilty for they have complained she is a witch and that she came in the night to Patience’s bed, abused, beat, and rode her.  Dicey also killed her mother’s hogs and cows by shooting them with hairballs.  They ask for a jury trial and later in the book, she is judged not guilty.  The case is settled by arbitrators with each paying their own court costs.


EC-79, #2016, 3 August 1854, 12 pages to copy – Amanda ADDISON vs. William I. ADDISON,  She is the daughter of Abram SHARP. She charges husband William I. with cruel treatment of her and daughter Amanda Malvina ADDISON.

Added 19 Sept 2019

EC-113, #3022, 6 Nov 1872, 8 pages to copy.  Mary E. RAGAR states she married A. H. RAGAR but does not specify the day or year.  She had four children by him, the oldest now dead, and girls Angeline, 8, Nannie Hester, 5 and Lula, 2.

EC-116, #3071, 12 April 1873, 29 pages to copy. Elizabeth DOYLE sues Calvin H. DOYLE of Ballard Co., KY for divorce. He earlier filed for divorce and got custody of the youngest child. She presently has Thomas, 18, Rebecca A., 14, and Almasenda, 10, but also wants Beuna V., 7.

Added 18 Sept 2019 -
Constitution Day Celebration in City Park
     Randy Parrish holds the American Flag after the flag folding ceremony which was part of the presentation in Carrico City Park on Tuesday afternoon.  The Russellville Chapter DAR and the Col. Benjamin Logan SAR presented the program.  The posting of colors was presented by the SAR.  The group was welcomed by Adam Scales, president of the SAR chapter.  The invocation was by Bro. Michael Edwards, pastor at Adairville Baptist and grandson of Medic Eugene Rowe, 101st Airborne and part of the Band of Brothers in WWII.  Bobbi Jean Burnett of the DAR led the pledge of allegiance to the flag.  Mark Stratton, Russellville mayor, and Logan Chick, county judge-executive, presented proclamations for the day.  Marshall Kemp, former superintendent of both the Russellville and Logan County schools, read the preamble.  Attorney, Joe W. Hendricks Jr. presented a slide presentation on the "Ancient Origins of American Liberty".  Mike Humble gave the benediction after which the crowd joined in the singing of the Star-Spangled Banner.
Deed Book 32, p. 541, 13 July 1853.  Euselia (sic) N. PROCTOR, Caldwell Co., TX sold to John E. HOLLINS part of land that came to Eusebia (sic) PROCTOR from her father Ben (land where he lived when he died). 
Added 17 Sept 2019
     Researchers from Lexington, sisters Jane Daniel, Mary Walter, and Norma Hatton, stopped by the Archives on Monday, 16 Sept 2019 before moving on to Dawson Springs State Park and research in the Marshall County area.  They work on the Mathis, Walker, Hooper, Lyles, and Wheeler surnames.  Looking over their pedigree chart, Judy Lyne discovered that they are cousins for all descend from Spencer and Mary Haymes Pace and their son Daniel who married Letitia Hurt.  Nice connection!  Sharing information with the new cousins will be a pleasure.
     The Cope, Pace, Shelton, Hurt families moved together across the area, stopping just a short time in Logan County but long enough to qualify them for FIRST FAMILIES OF LOGAN COUNTY for Spencer Pace married Mary Haymes in 1806 in what is now Muhlenberg County but at one time was a part of Logan County.  Daniel Pace and Lettice Hurt married in Christian County in 1817.  All four moved on to Marshall County and lived out their lives there.
EC-113, #3021, 25 Oct 1872, 5 pages to copy.  The judgment is listed where Sarah A. BEAUCHAMP, an unmarried woman adopts Andrew J. BREEDLOVE so he may be her heir at law so he can inherit from her.  Both are adults over the age of 21.
Added 16 Sept 2019 

Deed Book 32, p. 182, 20 March 1853.  Deed involved Martha BROWN, widow of George, Lucinda B. NORTON, Evaline BROWN, Mary P. and Richard T. HIGGINS, Mary S. and Johnella BROWN.


EC-122, #3247, 20 Sept 1875, 11 pages to copy.  Mary Susan BROOKS sues Charles B. BROOKS for divorce.   They did have a boy, 2, O. M. BROOKS and she wants custody as well as her maiden name of MARSHALL restored

Added 15 Sept 2019

EC-65, #1602, 9 Nov 1846, 28 pages to copy. The sale to settle the estate of Grigsby RUSH, deceased, heirs mentioned are heirs of William RUSH, deceased, and grandchildren of Grigsby RUSH. Children of William RUSH, deceased, are Benjamin, A., Martin W., Joel G., Priscilla G., Abigail S., Sashel A., and Keren H. RUSH. Grigsby RUSH’s heirs are Henry and Abigail RUSH FRANCE of Pettis Co., MO; Samuel and Nancy RUSH GILBERT of Shelby Co., MO; James and Jane RUSH GILBERT; George and Elizabeth RUSH PRIEST; Urbin E. and Sally RUSH CAMPBELL; Robert G. and Emeline RUSH HARRIS; William and Miranda RUSH JAGOE, and William A. RUSH, a deceased son.


EC 68, #1692 – Samuel Vance died 3 April 1823. He had a child born 5 months after his death and suit is to assure the infant of his share of the estate.

Remember the flag folding ceremony will be part of the Constitution Day Celebration in Russellville's Carrico Park, 4th and Main, Sept. 17, 2019, at 6:00 pm.

Also featured will be Color Guard, invocation, Pledge of Allegiance to our flag, slide show, and recitation of Preamble.

Added 14 Sept 2019
Circuit Court book 2, page 40.  We need some help on this one.  Can you explain “rescue” for the “defendant is guilty of the rescue in manner and form in the indictment set forth”?  This is a case of Commonwealth of KY vs Joseph Boon.

Added 14 Sept 2019 - Deed Book V, p. 198, 1 Sep 1838, Jackson HENLEY of Franklin Co., Alabama, gave Evan McPHERSON power of attorney in regards to the will of his deceased grandfather, Joshua MURRY of Logan Co., KY.

Added 13 Sept 2019

Deed Book 32, 186-187, 31 March 1853.  Wilson H. MASON, son of George, sells his interest in his father’s estate to Constant A. WILSON.

Added 13 Sept 2019 -Deed Book 32, p. 540, 23 Mar 1853.  Jesse and Sarah HENTON of Pike Co., MO sold David HENTON, Ohio Co., KY a portion of land willed to them by John HENTON, father of Jesse

Darlynn Moore with display at Red River - photo by Tom Ruley
Red River Meeting House and Cemetery Assn. annual meeting
The 72nd annual meeting was held Sunday, Sept. 8.  Dinner on the grounds was followed by a service and then a business meeting.  Special music was presented by Randy McMoran and choir from Hopewell Baptist Church with several traditional songs and a special presentation of "Down to the River to Pray."  Bro. Jim Woodard, the pastor at Hopewell, presented a wonderful message to a full house on the meeting house history.
DAR-SAR host Constitution Day Celebration
Russellville chapter of the DAR and the Benjamin Logan Chapter of the SAR will partner to present the celebration on the Carrico Park Square in Russellville, Tuesday, 17 Sept 2019 at 6 p.m.  Presented will be the Color Guard, invocation, Pledge of Allegiance to our flag, reciting of the Preamble, a slide show and the flag folding ceremony.  In case of rain, the ceremony will be held in the 1904 courthouse.

ADDED 12 Sept 2019


EC-117, #3096, 30 Sept 1878, 6 pages to copy.    Mary E. RHORER sues James W. RHORER for divorce.  She wants custody of their four children, Willie, 7, Rolla, 5, Anna, 3, and Thomas, 1.  She also wants to be restored to her maiden name of Mary E. HANCOCK. 


EC-106, #2783, 26 Jan 1870, 7 pages to copy.  In the text of the case it is mentioned that Eliza S. WHITE is sister to M. M. CLARK, now deceased.

Added 11 Sept 2019

Deed Book W, p. 330, 16 July 1839.  This day personally appeared in open court James H. ARNOLD, minor child of John ARNOLD, deceased, over the age of fourteen years & chose for his guardian Elijah STOUT who is required to execute bond conditioned as the law directs in the full sum of five thousand dollars which is done accordingly and said bond is approved by the court.  Abraham Shafer, the clerk of Clay Co., MO, certified copy as did M. B. MORTON, Logan Co., KY clerk.


EC-87, #2230, 11 Dec 1858, 115 pages to copy – Cornelius PAYNE vs. James M. TOWNSEND shows some tangled relationships. Corneage 70, and wife Louisann (?) PAYNE are asking for control of the estate of Chesella ALLEN. She was the daughter of Hartwell and Eliza PAYNE ALLEN, both deceased in March of 1859, and granddaughter of Letty or Letis ALLEN, now deceased. When the case was first argued, Chesella was age 4 and James M. TOWNSEND was giving the PAYNE’s money for her upkeep but only advanced $100.00 for a year’s upkeep. Her estate included slaves named Flora, Ellen, Tom, Henry, America, and Green. Paternal grandmother Letty ALLEN kept her for a while but moved back to Logan County and then when she died, the PAYNEs want to take her back to Hopkins County. James M. TOWNSEND is the executor of ALLEN’s will and also

Added 10 Sept 2019

Check out the newest index of Logan County, KY records.

Circuit Court Book 1 (1801-1802) had no existing index so volunteers read and typed a database with date, page, plaintiff, defendant, and notes about the court action.  Full name index covers all persons on the page, jurors, witnesses, etc.  On this website, they are assessed by the buttons (alphabetical listings of plaintiff and defendants) on the circuit court records page.  Plaintiffs begin on name Adams, William but blanks precede his listing since some entries did not have an identifiable person in the plaintiff position - so scan down until you reach his name.  Defendants begin with Adams, Craig after the blanks.

The first 15 pages of this book deal with land disputes including land in present-day Christian and Livingston Counties, KY.  They seem to have been added after the other part of the book was used for recording court proceedings.  Page 16 begins the usual court proceedings on which are given the dates court met, presiding judges, orders by the court, plaintiff vs defendant in lawsuits and the continuations of same.  Little information is given about most cases but some seem to be the report of both sides of the dispute.  There should have been packets about each case but few survived to present day. 


VALUE may be in determining the early date of residence of the participants as the land disputes begin in 1784.  Some of the land disputes in the first 15 pages pre-date the formation of KY in Sept 1792.

Legal terms you may need to know in this listing are given here.

Meaning of “in case” -- as a provision against something happening or being true; if it is true that.

Meaning of “in covenant” -- an agreement.

Meaning of “TAB” -- Trespass, assault, and battery.

Meaning of “trevor” -- common-law action to recover the value of the personal property that has been wrongfully disposed of by another person.

Meaning of “presentment” -- a formal presentation of information to a court, especially by a sworn jury regarding an offense or other matter.

Meaning of “In chancery” -- A division of court; court above decision made by a justice of peace or magistrate.
Meaning of “in detinue” -- a legal claim to recover wrongfully detained goods or possessions.

Meaning of “dedimus” -- is a writ whereby commission is given to one or more private persons for the expedition of some act normally performed by a judge, as in one to take the deposition of another.

Meaning of “caveat” -- a notice, especially in probate, that certain actions may not be taken without informing the person who gave the notice.

Meaning of “scire facias” -- a writ requiring a person to show why a judgment regarding a record or patent should not be enforced or annulled

Added 10 Sept 2019

Deed Book 30, p. 432, 1851.  Heirs of Elizabeth WASHBURN are listed and are not found in a will in Logan Co., KY. 

EC-121, #3228, 19 June 1875, 6 pages to copy.  Mary J. STEWART married 1866 to Lewis F. STEWART and lived together until 20 May 1875.  He left her and their five children, all boys, John Lewis, 7, William Marion and Robert Merida, twins aged 5, Thomas Henry, 3, and Samuel L. Crittenden STEWART, 14 months. 

Added 9 Sept 2019

Deed Book 32, p. 468, 7 Aug 1853.  Nancy BROWNE gave son Henry BROWNE land that cornered with Tavenah HEAD.  Then she gave son William E. BROWNE some land also.


Circuit Order Book 16, April term in 1836 shows Kentucky indicted John Harrington for breaking the Sabbath but the charge was dismissed.

Added 8 Sept 2019

Charles Arrington is listed as father of Charles Whitmell Arrington in Logan Co., KY Circuit Court Book 1, page 39, September 1801.  He signs a bond for his son who was indicted by Commonwealth of KY for a peace warrant, later identified as profane swearing.

Heirs of William CHASTAIN are in Deed Book V, p. 343.  John, Samuel, Willis W., Albert B., Joseph, Isham CHASTAIN; John and Mary GRUBBS, Edward H. & Elizabeth MOSLY, Joseph & Sarah MOSS.

Added 7 Sept 2019 

Deed Book 32, p. 604, 11 Nov 1853.  This deed gives many relationships.  It refers to suit by Mary Ann FELTS vs Nathaniel FELTS.  She is an infant heir of Archibald FELTS, deceased.  Other heirs include Mary M. & Martha J. FELTS, heirs of John FELTS, dec’d; Polly and husband Thomas SHOULDERS; William A. KILLAMS, John David BOWLER, George W. RICE, and Sarah W. RICE, heirs of Sally W. RICE, dec’d; Samuel, Martha, and Charles FELTS, heirs of Charles FELTS, dec’d; Eliza Jane, Charles W., Nathaniel, Mary F. and Nancy P. FELTS, heirs of James FELTS, dec’d.


EC-116, #3085, 30 July 1873, 15 pages to copy.  Carrie M. MORRIS sues for divorce from R. H. MORRIS.  They married 31 May 1866.  They have a 5 year old son, Winlock. 

Added 6 Sept 2019

EC-112, #2986, 29 April 1872, 9 pages to copy.  Charlotte HUNT had an illegitimate child named Milly Catherine. She agreed to let Presley M. and Mary Ann McREYNOLDS raise the child and now they want to adopt her and change her name to McREYNOLDS so she can heir their property without complications. Charlotte HUNT agrees to the arrangement and the adoption is legally recorded.


Lydia Harrel sues Lewis Herrel (yes, the spellings are different in the same law suit) for divorce on 1 April 1833.  She sues as a pauper.  He is not a resident of this state.  If he does not show at the next court session (July 1833), it will taken as confessed and she will get the divorce.  Notice is to be posted in the local newspaper for two calendar months.  At this point, the suit is continued.

Added 5 Sept 2019
Don't forget Red River Meeting House annual meeting, 8 Sept 2019.  See details below.
Added 4 Sept 2019

EC-78, #1985, 15 Feb 1854, 31 pages to copy – Pamelia B. BURNETT, daughter of George HERNDON, sues Richard BURNETT for divorce.


EC-79, #2016, 3 August 1854, 12 pages to copy – Amanda ADDISON vs. William I. ADDISON,  She is the daughter of Abram SHARP. She charges husband William I. with cruel treatment of her and daughter Amanda Malvina ADDISON.

Added 5 Sept 2019

Deed Book 32, p. 536, 30 Sep 1853.  Land transferred was formerly owned by Claibon SEYMORE, deceased, who was father of Mary ADAMS.


Deed Book 32, p. 540, 23 Mar 1853.  Jesse and Sarah HENTON of Pike Co., MO sold David HENTON, Ohio Co., KY a portion of land willed to them by John HENTON, father of Jesse.

Added 3 Sept 2019

Quarterly Court Records, Box 1, File #4, – Bowen vs Lee:  Hester, black girl, Bowen Ely, 16 Oct 1858

              “Mr. Ely bough in the black girl you hired of bin here ever cince therefore I want you to right to me informing me what you intend to do with her.  I am willing to pay you something for her as she want to stay with us.”  From Samuel T. Lee  (additional note in packet:  “Ely Borin len to him girl Hester Oct. 16, 1858 to Dec. 25, 1858.”)

              Typed as written on a note to the judge in the case mentioned.

Added 2 September 2019

In Deed Book V, p. 339, 8 Aug 1837.  Frederick STEWART (not listed in wills) deed gives his heirs as Nancy, wife of James M. TERRY, and Almyra, wife of George T. KIRTLEY.  Also mentions John P. STEWART and Robert J. TERRY mentioned in previous deed.  Confusing, I know, but a hint of where to look.

Deed Book V, p. 336, October 1835.  Margaret STEPHENSON is relict of Robert STEVENSON, of Todd Co., KY.  Listed as heirs with no punctuation are John, William, Mary STEPHENSON and then a line that has Sally Robert Young STEPHENSON; Margaret Jane, Elizabeth Caroline, and Martha Ann STEPHENSON.

Red River Awakenings, Site of the 2nd Great Awakening in Logan County, KY, August 2019

70th Annual Association Meeting - 8 Sept 2019.  Bring a dish and a friend.  Potluck will be at 1:00 pm and the service/meeting will be at 2:00.  Bro. Jim Woodard, pastor of Hopewell Baptist Church, Springfield, TN will be our speaker and music will be led by their music leader, Randy McMoran. A special presentation of "Down to the River to Pray will be presented by the Hopewell choir accompanied by various stringed instruments.  Everyone is welcome to attend.

24th annual primitive campmeeting and rendezvous will be Oct 11-13, 2019.  This is a living history event that will transport you back to the year 1800.  Please feel free to camp modern or period correct.  All are welcome.  Activities for you and old.  Annual auction for the upkeep of the grounds will be at 1:00 on Saturday.  For more information, please call Tom Ruley 270-586-7632.

30th annual Schochoh Christmas parade and 11th annual candlelight service will be on Dec. 1, 2019.  Parade begins at 2:00 pm and RRMH candlelight service will be at 4:00 pm.  Derek Guyer will be in charge of the Christmas program.  Please be sure and show your support by attending.  Darlynn Moore and Diane Krulik will decorate the meeting house so it will be a gorgeous evening.  Light refreshments will be served.

Join us for 1st Sunday service and fellowship every month at 3:00 pm.

Thanks to Dreama Ruley for allowing us to use the information on their website.

17 Aug 2019 - DNA class at library
Denise Shoulders presented a BASIC DNA class for those of us needing BASIC information.  We now have a whole new vocabulary to use!  Applying it will be the next problem.

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Thanks to the Benjamin Logan chapter of the Sons of the Revolution for a most impressive grave marking for patriot Andrew Foster, 1740-1816.  Ceremony was held on the front yard of the Clarence and Mary Lancaster home.  Pathway to cemetery across the way was mowed and gravesite cleared.  New stone will be set soon.