Quirky adoptions listed in Will Books

Updated: Mar 31, 2019

Adoptions are mentioned in the Will Books, O through P. Whether others slipped past volunteers abstracting the books or there were no earlier adoptions listed, we don't know just now. The information is useful to genealogists, perhaps just to cause another brick wall, but interesting nonetheless. This list covers books O through Q and will not have a follow-up for the other books were not abstracted listing adoptees

Will Book O, page 620, will written in 1906; Maggie MARKHAM was adopted daughter of Kate & I. N. McCUDDY.

Will Book P, page 126, will written in 1914; Jefferson CLARK was the adopted son of John V. & Millie L. CLARK.

Will Book P, page 162, will written in 1911; Mamie E. MASON was the adopted daughter of Thomas F. & Nannie A. M. YOUNG.

Will Book P, page 393, will written in 1919; Carrie Lou Sugg WALL was the adopted daughter of Mary Ella SUGG.

Will Book Q, page 4, will written in 1923; Madaline FELTS was the adopted daughter of Mrs. Mattie McCUDDY.

Will Book Q, page 109, will written in 1926; Arthur WINSTON was the adopted son of D. A. & Maggie WINSTON.

Will Book Q, page 117, will written in 1921; John Ella FROGGE was the adopted son of Margaret & Mr. FROGGE.

Will Book Q, page 223, will written in 1927; Birdella Watkins HIGHWAS was the adopted daughter of Alzone WATKINS.

Will Book Q, page 367, will written in 1931; Eula May ELLIOTT was the adopted daughter of James & Annie ELLIOTT.

Will Book Q, page 493, will written in 1935; Estelle DECRIGHT was the adopted daughter of Nora & Pearl HAMMER.

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