Marriages notes

Odd notes on marriages include that minister Granville Manksfield on 2 June 1835 changes the spelling to Granville Mansfield in 1836. Whether he or the clerk changed the spelling is not noted.

In the 1830 time period few ministers are listed and clerks sign the marriage, many on the same date. Therefore, the date of application for marriage is probably closest to date of marriage for returns may be a year or more past application date. John B. Dunn signed many on 6 April 1838, probably just when he came to court, not that he held mass marriages on the sixth.

In 1852, ministers started listing at whose home the marriage took place. Some witnesses are listed.

In some years the "of age," "consent," or "certificate" was written only once in the column instead of beside the name of the groom or bride. We "assume" it was for both parties to the marriage.

Consulting the KY Historical Society for explanation of the three terms, we learn that there was no state regulation as to how they are recorded and each county did as they pleased. By 1799 KY recognized persons 21 and over as "of age." In 1798, the General Assembly amended the act that both bride and groom had to have the consent of a parent or guardian if either the bride or groom was less than twenty-one years.

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