Kirkmansville one-room school classmates!

Great day in Archives. Visitor Frank Mayes mentioned Tywhoppity of Todd County so I knew he lived near my hometown of Kirkmansville in northern Todd County, KY. A little more discussion and I learned his first grade teacher was Mrs. Carrie (Charlie) Baker AND SHE WAS MINE in grades 2 and 3. He's over 90 and I'm 75 so to have a conversation with a classmate from the 8 grades taught in the one-room school was uplifting, entertaining, and downright amazing. She was his favorite teacher through the years. He related that when one of the boys in his acquaintance jumped out of the window and ran the mile to his home, his father switched him all the way back to Mrs. Carrie's classroom. I learned Mr. Baker was a Methodist minister. Mrs. Willis was hired to help with the first graders by the time I arrived, remembered mostly because of the my quail-hunting father said that Mr. Willis was such a keen shot that he only killed the male bird in each flock, insuring a health quail population. Will be interesting to see if our lines cross since the locations were so close! Great to meet him either way. His daughter, Shirley Risinger, also mentioned that she had spread the word of our First Families project at her DAR meeting and has another person applying. Great how good news spreads.

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