Check out all the original records we have -- no fires, little loss of records since 1792

Resources you should check:




Fiscal Court Minutes

(also see circuit court records for detailed court cases)


At the Archives, the clerks and volunteers work to provide clients with access to original court records to help develop correct lines of descent.  Copies are available at 25 cents per page.  Most of the county records in the Archives are stored here for preservation but copies are available in the nearby clerk's office.  


Wills and marriage books are abstracted to provide ease in finding original records in county books.  Should the xerox copy be illegible in clerk's office, the original will be pulled for your viewing and copying. 



Marriage books covering 1792 through 1818 were destroyed by the clerk when they were getting dim with age.  A list of the groom, bride, and date of marriage application was made before books were destroyed.  Mrs. J. Wells Vick, DAR member and noted genealogist of the 1950s, copied these into the index books and these are the only records that remain of that time period.  A typed list may also found in other genealogical libraries and there are some variations.  


Marriages after 1818 are recorded in registers kept in the clerk's office; xerox copies of registers 1 through 3 are in the Archives.  Bond books are also available with varying amounts of information, generally better after 1919.  Few consents to white marriages are available but are filed with bonds.


Black marriage books begin in 1865 with the freedman's book where former slaves came to court and recorded their spouse and length of the marriage.  After 1960, black and white marriages are in the same books.  Books 1 through 17 are in Archives, others in the clerk's office.



Will books are stored in Archives, xerox copies in the clerk's office.  Abstracts of books A (1795) through Q (1937) are available in Archives.  ORIGINAL wills from which clerks created the books are available in Archives when extant, preserved in acid-free folders and filed according to book and page in official books.  These books also have inventories, appraisals, and sales of estates.



Early deed books are stored here but the complete index for 1792 through 1937 is in the clerk's office (on the same block as Archives).  These deeds are indexed in grantor and grantee books, then by surname, and then given name is broken into 3 major divisions, A-H, I-O, P-Z.  Clerks in this office are most helpful in guiding you through the search.  After 1937, the books are also carefully indexed but the format changes and presently the newer transactions are indexed on computers.  Ask our clerks for help -- they are the best!



These books list all actions of the court from 1792 through the present.  Early ones, A1 through 10 covering 1792 through 1860, are stored in Archives, later ones in clerk's office.  A full name index of books A1-12 is available on AIS and a hard copy in Archives.  Books 11 (A) and 12 (B) are missing from courthouse but the indexes remain.  The indexing of later books is an on-going project.  


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