Logan Circuit Court Records


Equity cases

EC-14, case #310, 27 April 1822.  Elisha Hadden sues Mary Ann Christopher Trimble Hadden for divorce. 

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 Equity cases are those where someone feels he is wronged and wants the judicial system to make him even.  Typical are estate settlements, divorce proceedings, assault cases, etc.


There are 12,189 cases in 589 Hollinger boxes available, 1792 through 1940.  The full name index is available on cards in the Archives or on AIS.  Cases later than 1940 are also indexed but not with full names, just with plaintiff and defendant designations.

Ordinary cases

OC-22, case #2095, 1 Jan 1820.  John S. Long sues for heirs of Nimrod Long over hire of Negro man Cain for $112.00.

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 Ordinary was a division used in early court systems that would compare to small claims courts today.  They were merged into circuit court CIVIL cases in 1979 when the two divisions became civil and criminal.


One of the more interesting ones is when a man sued for the return of 50 cents he had loaned another.

Full name index of these 15,989 cases is available on card index in Archives and on AIS.  Just request a search of a name and it will be included on the "free search" provided monthly. 

Miscellaneous cases

These cases are bits and pieces of equity and ordinary cases that were removed from our courthouse, when and by whom not now known.  Western KY University returned them to the Archives and the same full name index as in other cases is available, AIS or card file format.


Some are full cases and others just the summons or other court paper that do identify the person in time and place.  

There are 43 boxes of these cases, 1792 through 1887 and a few other scattered dates.


Files include 6,428 cases.

Other circuit records here

Many Circuit Court records are available but not full-name indexed.  These may be located by using the original index books but few of the packets are available.

  • Criminal cases tried in Logan Circuit Court

  • Quarterly court cases

  • Indictments and judgments

  • Civil orders for circuit court

  • Commonwealth orders

Volunteers may work on indexing indictments, the papers still in original metal boxes.  Come on in and see if "Uncle Joe" was indicted for crimes ranging from chicken stealing, riding his horse through church services, or even murder.



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