First Families of Logan County, KY

Join First Families and receive your signed certificate proving your direct relationship to an ancestor who was in Logan County by 1820. 


Submit legal proofs of kinships showing links between the generations, such as:

  1. Birth records

  2. Death certificates

  3. Census records

  4. Bible entries

  5. Will

  6. Deeds

  7. Printed books on county histories, not family books


$15.00 for first family proven for certificate, $10.00 for each additional line proven and $5.00 for copies for siblings or children with only one other proof required.  Add $3.00 for postage for each address required for delivery or pick up at Archives for no charge.


     Contact the society for an application form at


We accept any person who was in any of the original Logan Co. boundaries by 1820 even though the county was cut by 1798 on east, west and northern borders. So the deed may say your ancestor bought land in Christian County in 1803, but that was within original bounds of Logan County, so welcome to FIRST FAMILIES OF LOGAN CO., KY !!! Nor do we discriminate on adopted children as we are proud of all who love our county.

Great Mother's or Father's Day gift but don't hesitate as proving line takes more than a few minutes !