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Abstracts are taken from court record books and speed up your research in our records. They are completed through book Q, dated 1937.


Ask if the packet related to the entry remains for it may contain detailed information on descendants, possessions devised to each, inventory of estate down to the horse creatures, the silverware, clothing, etc.  Most are marked in books on shelf in reading room but you can request a quick review of the contents.  They range from a few pages to over a hundred; 25 cents per page!

Entries are the will, assignment of executors or administrators and guardians, inventory, appraisal, and sale of estate, dower assigned widow, several settlements and then final settlement which may include descendants not previously listed in text of will.

Death was to be reported at next court meeting so may help determine death date.  Earliest courts met each 3 months and later meetings were monthly.