Example of EQUITY court case

Find person's record in AIS or card file, copy box number and case number.  Ask clerk to pull original case file for you.

This is the complaint sheet filed by Elisha Hadden as he applies for divorce from Mary Ann Hadden.  It is presented just as an example of what you might find in EQUITY cases.

He states in 1810 or 1811 he was a widower with several children and believed it would be good for his situation to take a  new companion.

He became acquainted with a widow called Mary Ann Trimble.

He married Mary Ann Trimble alias Mary Ann Christopher and later discovered she was widow of Trimble but had a living husband  Ambrose Christopher from which she was not free before marrying Trimble.

Case packet contains many interesting depositions both for and against Mary Ann.  Elisha did get his divorce in final settlement of this case.  The case proves her children by Trimble as well as her siblings.

Packets vary GREATLY in number of pages so ask for number before ordering whole set.  Basic information can be obtained by ordering just the complaint sheet and the judgment page -- more interesting info is between these pages in depositions, bills, etc.