Adding tidbits of information that pass before our eyes as we process court records and donations

Norris family notes
From a note found in old files.  No reference to whom donated the package, how long it has been here, nor any other reference.  Written on a lined notebook page, about 4x5 inches in size.  All handwriting and ink is same indicated it was copied at one time, not entered as events happened.

Norris, Charles, born 15 Aug 1824.

Norris, Mary born 5 Nov 1828.

Charles Norris was married to Mary Peppinger on 31 March 1850.

Norris, Rachel Ann born 30 January 1851.

Norris, Prudine bon 10 July 1855.

Norris, Ranson born 14 Feb 1857.

Norris, Harvie born 12 March 1860.

Norris, Ida born 12 August 1862.

Norris, Allie born 19th May 1866.